Operational Readiness for Capital Development Projects

The Readiness Group Inc, is a management consulting firm that provides leadership in the delivery of operational readiness and transition services for capital development projects.

Our expertise is within a specific knowledge area that assists large organizations such as hospitals and academic institutions to plan and implement the necessary tasks for transition and occupancy of new buildings. The overarching goal of this type of transition planning is to ensure that people and programs are in an “operationally ready” state, as planned – on day 1.

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Operational Readiness Plans created through the application of change management principles that enable organizations to support and participate in the change process brought upon by new building occupancy;
  • Project Management and Scheduling conducted under PMI-PMP principles critical path tracking, reporting metrics, risk management and quality assurance programs are provided;
  • Physical Space and Program Planning to translate functional program plans to current organizational objectives and workflow requirements in a new space;
  • Equipment Planning and Deployment Coordination to ensure full support to staff, programs and patients immediately upon occupancy of a new space;
  • Move Oversight which is the planning and execution of move-day occupancy and transition plans, including phasing plans, ramp-down and ramp-up processes, and communications;
  • Training and Orientation of staff to new environments and new operational systems; and,
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation to verify that project objectives have been met but moreover to identify future refinements to ensure the sustainability of the expected activities and quality of care required of the new space.

Our firm is experienced in both the traditional construction projects procurement model and those that use an alternative financing procurement model (AFP) or a private-public partnership (P3) model.  We are accustomed to the project management rigour expected to deliver a project that is on time, on-budget, and ready for occupancy.  We have a deep appreciation of having an operationally ready building that is safe, secure, and commissioned for use as intended by the patients, staff, and community.

To learn more, please review some our recent Operational Readiness projects in the News Center.

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“The Readiness Groups's approach to shared learning in Transition Planning crosses a number of boundaries and departs from the de-facto model used by other consultants providing critical knowledge transfer”
Joe Pilon
Sr. VP and COO
Health Sciences North